'Tis the Season is another holiday special My Scene webisode. It was part of the My Bling Bling doll line.


The girls find the perfect outfit for the holiday bash - but they all want the same one and fight for it, except for Nolee. Nolee suggests they break up the outfit. They all end up agreeing to share and each wearing a part of the outfit: Barbie chooses the skirt, Chelsea chooses the fur shawl, Nolee choose the tube piece shirt and Madison chooses the boots.


Trivia Edit

  • The line based on this episode is also known as Super Bling.
  • The line My Bling Bling 2 is the same as this one but with fewer accessories.
  • This was Nolee's last webisode appearance before she was discontinued.
  • This was the third holiday-themed webisode.
  • Madison stated that the Holiday Bash took place on New Years in her journal.

Next episodeEdit

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My Scene™ - 'Tis The Season - HD

My Scene™ - 'Tis The Season - HD

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