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Ashley Entertainment Ashley Entertainment 25 March 2021

My blogpost.

excuse me what

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787716 787716 11 January 2021

Favorite Movie

After seeing all three my scene movies, I've chosen 2/3 as my all-time faves: Masquerade Madness and Goes Hollywood. Which My Scene movie is your favorite? Jammin' In Jamaica, Masquerade Madness or Goes Hollywood?

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787716 787716 1 August 2020

Blog Search

i gotten so down since my grandfather's death when i was a junior in high school, and was in need of something to get rid of the grieving. So i was looking up anything My Scene and came across this site i found. You must check it out!

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787716 787716 13 July 2020

Shopping Spree Game

So I was playing the My Scene Goes Hollywood Shopping Spree Game on the web archive, and to my surprise, the red carpet premiere still said Coming Soon and back in 2005 here in the US, the movie premiere then came out when the movie was released. What's up with that?

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Delanceyellisfan Delanceyellisfan 22 January 2020

Transcripts/Other Help

If anyone needs any transcripts for any particular webisodes or any other help with translations and such, please conact me or another admin for help!

We are here to help anyone that needs it and make this community strong. My Scene lives on through us and it was a part of many people's lives while they were growing up. We are here to preserve its memory.

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Delanceyellisfan Delanceyellisfan 2 October 2019


Hello everyone!

Please, use the discussion page to create discussions about anything and everything My Scene. It is a good outlet for conversation and keeping the love for My Scene alive.

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Chelseasscene Chelseasscene 10 August 2019

Translated Journal Entries

Hello everyone! I wanted to make this blog post in order to let everyone know which journal entries were translated from Czech into English because we could not find the original thing.

- Chelsea’s Journal:

  • April 2003 (4/27/2003 Bikin' in the Park, 4/30/2003 Picnic in the Park)
  • June 2003 (6/19/2003 Pig Out, 6/21/2003 Stage Fright, 6/23/2003 Downward Doze)
  • August 2003 (whole month, including the titles)
  • September 2003 (whole month, including the titles)

- Madison’s Journal:

  • April 2003 (4/19/2003 Boys Will Be Boys, 4/23/2003 The Birthday Dad, 4/25/2003 Mads the Movie Star, 4/28/2003 Furry Feel-Good)
  • May 2003 (5/02/2003 Come Sale Away!, 5/04/2003 Get a Grip, 5/06/2003 Auto Shop, 5/09/2003 Puppy Love, 5/10/2003 My Boutique…All Mine!, 5/22/2003 A Simpl…
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Happyboy88 Happyboy88 10 August 2019

My Scene International URLs to keep in mind

MANY OF THESE ARE NOT USEFUL however I just wanted to share these with you all in case anyone for some reason in the future ends up doing/trying something and would like a reference of international URLs to test. Here are some international My Scene URLs that I tried typing into the web archive and found to be in existence even if they barely do any good or function (for me). or or or my or or or or or or or (apparently these were just redirects?)

and my…

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Delanceyellisfan Delanceyellisfan 13 July 2019

Website Links

The My Scene website was a source of enjoyment for so many people and I think that it would be great if we could add some more archive links to this wiki for people to enjoy again!

If you have any working archive links to anything from the website that isn't already on the wiki, please let us know!

I would especially appreciate a working link for the My Scene Hollywood website they made. It had a special Shopping Spree game on it. If anyone has a link, that would be amazing!

Thank you in advance!

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Chelseasscene Chelseasscene 12 June 2019

Help the wiki!

Hi everyone! If you would like to help on expanding the wiki, here is a list of the things that need some work and are our priority right now:

- Find out who are Bryant’s, Fiona's, Gina's, Jez's, Kate's, Kennedy’s, Nia’s, and Parker’s voice actors, add this information to their character pages, and create pages for these voice actors

- Find a screenshot of Barbie's All About Me before she moved to California

- Find a screenshot of Nolee's All About Me before it advertised her "own webiste" and her Fortune Fun game

- Add more screenshots of the mini-game Shoe Sale

- Find the cover of Madison’s Mix in a higher resolution

- Get  in a higher resolution

- Find out who sings the songs It's My Scene, Girlfriends, and Girls Sure Love A Rockstar

- Add a ph…

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AubreeRubble AubreeRubble 10 June 2019


What's your favorite My Scene character?

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787716 787716 8 June 2016

My Scene Hoax

Bad news, fans! It turns out that my scenw coming back was a hoax!

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Misspopular Misspopular 9 February 2016

My Scene is Coming BACK!!!!!

Guess what, my scene fans? Due to a online petition spreading through media, it's been honor to announced that My Scene is coming back in 2016!

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