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Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Strawberry Blond
Eyes Green
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Bryant is one of the first My Scene boys to be introduced. Bryant is an aspiring film director. He’s best friends with Hudson, and eventually became friends with River, and Sutton. Bryant was romantically linked to Nolee. In 2003, Bryant's production was stopped and his character moved away to London, England.


Bryant is into making documentaries and skateboarding. He's also into vintage clothing and music. His personality is described as cool and laid-back.

Physical Appearance[]

Bryant is a slightly built teenage boy with green eyes, light skin and curly strawberry blond hair.


He is close friends with Hudson, River, and Sutton. His girl friends are Barbie, Madison and Chelsea. Nolee and Bryant are romantically linked in the webisodes. Their romantic relationship might have ended after Bryant moved away, but in Greatest Gifts, it’s shown that he still kept in contact with Nolee. He got her some chocolate for Valentine’s Day in Amor y Amistad.

All About Me[]

Sign: Aquarius

Fave snack: Wasabi green peas

Fave gadget: Video camera

My wheels: Skateboard

Would never: Watch a buddy cop movie (lame!)

What I look for in a girl: Smart, has her own style

I'm probably happiest when I'm behind the camera. I love documenting everyday moments. Really into keepin' it real.


  • Bryant was one of the first My Scene boys to be introduced.
  • Bryant's birthday is February 6th, making him an Aquarius.
  • Bryant was named after New York's Bryant Park.
  • It has been said by some that he was produced to be of the likeness of an American Idol contestant named Justin Guarini.
  • His last appearance was in the Back to School line.