Day & Nite is a My Scene webisode based on the Day & Nite doll line.


Sugar runs away, and Delancey goes after her, asking Ellis to answer her phone if the girls call. Madison calls Delancey to tell her how the Day & Nite fashion show was, and Ellis picks up and Madison burps. Chelsea and Barbie, who are with Madison, laugh. Madison keeps talking, thinking Delancey is on the line when she accidentally says she has a crush on Ellis (which she immediately retracts and says she meant Sutton). She then talks more about Ellis, until Ellis interrupts, saying that he was on the other line the whole time. The girls all find it hilarious- except Madison!



  • This was after the Day & Nite fashion show, which is described in Barbie's journal and Chelsea's journal.
  • This was the last webisode appearance of both Barbie and Ellis. They were discontinued shortly after. It was explained that both Barbie and Ellis moved away.

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My Scene - Day and Nite

My Scene - Day and Nite

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