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Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Platinum blonde with maroon Highlights, later brunette hair with blonde Highlights
Eyes Green, later Blue
Age 15-19
Voiced by Meghan Black
Cousin Chelsea
My Scene Webisodes
My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
My Scene: Masquerade Madness
My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie
Delancey is a My Scene character. She is from California and moved to New York.


Delancey is very confident and is a fast thinker, so she easily get great opportunities for herself and her friends, such as starring in movies. She loves telling jokes and make her friends laugh all the time. Delancey enjoys the beach with her friends, loves skating and surfing with Nolee and with her boyfriend Ellis. Delancey's look is edgy, funky, and colorful. She's always the worse at keeping secrets and likes sweets.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Delancey is a slim teenager and was originally produced with maroon-streaked platinum blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and a beauty mark on her cheek. Since 2007, she was produced with dark brown hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes.


Delancey is Chelsea's cousin and befriended Barbie, Madison, and Nolee when they all went on a holiday to Jamaica, meet Nolee's friend, Kenzie in Shopping Spree and later became friends with Lindsay Lohan, Kennedy and Nia. Delancey is romantically linked to Ellis.

All About MeEdit

Sign: Taurus


Fave hang: The beach

Where from: California (just moved to NYC)

My craving: Candy candy candy!

My look: Edgy, funky, super colorful

My motto: If you're into me, cool. If not, whatever

I don't take myself too seriously. I admit I can be stubborn, but once you get to know me, I'm pretty easy to get along with. And I stick by my friends no matter what.



  • Delancey shares the same name as Delancy in Barbie: Princess Charm School, albeit with a different spelling.
  • From 2007, Delancey was produced with dark brown hair with blonde highlights, and blue eyes.
  • Delancey was named after Delancey Street in New York City.
  • Delancey's the only member of the My Scene gang (boys included) to have a pet cat instead of a dog--she has a Persian white cat named Sugar.
  • Delancey's birthday is May 10th.
  • She has Irish and Italian ancestry.