My Scene Goes Hollywood - Bloopers

My Scene Goes Hollywood - Bloopers

Delancey's Fave Bloopers and Outtakes

Delancey's Fave Bloopers and Outtakes is a bonus video featured on the My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie DVD.


  • During the sleepover, Chelsea eats one of the cucumbers she had over her eyes.
  • Also during the sleepover, Barbie dances to music while her friends watch and laugh at her.
  • While everyone celebrates the end of the movie shoot, Chelsea is left to watch and sweep.
  • When everyone cheers because they finished a scene, Chelsea is left to mop up their sweat.
  • At The Dish, everyone laughs at Chelsea having to mop up sweat.
  • On the movie set, Delancey is full from eating too much food, but then she sees a table covered with delicious food.
  • While Madison got her makeover to be in Spy Society, she imagined herself going on a chat show.
  • When Ryan was wearing a knight costume, the helmet fell down over his face.
  • Barbie and Chelsea were playing a motorbike driving game at the club, but Barbie fell off her bike.
  • While everyone was riding horses, Madison's horse started eating grass.
  • Ryan's helmet fell down again.
  • During the gym scene for Spy Society, Barbie and Madison were using some gym balls, but Barbie's ball hit her on the head.
  • The horses pooed on the floor during the take, so Chelsea had to clean it up.
  • When Madison was in character, the people on set pranked her by scaring her during a take.
  • On the seventh take of Ryan in his knight costume, his helmet still fell down.
  • Part of the set fell down in the middle of a scene.


  • In Spanish, this bonus feature is called "Las mejores meteduras de pata de Delancey".