Delancey and Ellis is the fifth My Scene couple. Their relationship is shown in the webisodes, movies and a doll line. They are usually seen spending a lot of time together and they have similar interests, such as skateboarding.


Their RelationshipEdit

After Delancey moved to New York, she met Ellis at a skate park and gave him her phone number in Hanging Out. Ellis had a crush on her in My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica and he later worked up the courage to ask her out at the end of the film. In Greatest Gifts, Ellis gave Delancey a white Persian cat for Christmas. This cat grew up to be Delancey's pet, Sugar. In Sk8er Girl, Ellis and Delancey visited a skate park together and high-fived each other after Delancey showed off her skills. He helped her deliver and give away her kittens in Out And About. In Day & Nite, Ellis visited Delancey and she asked him to answer her phone if anybody calls. Ellis gave Delancey a lift when decorating for Chelsea's surprise masquerade party and gave her advice to how to not tell Chelsea the secret in My Scene: Masquerade Madness. When Ellis was looking at Lindsay Lohan, Delancey turned his head to her in My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie, and later the two were seen playing a motorcycle arcade game together.

Doll Sets Edit

Delancey and Ellis were sold together in an Out And About Gettin' Ready set which was centered on their time with Delancey's kittens.

Gallery Edit

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