Does She Buy It? is the first My Scene webisode to focus primarily on Madison.


At a store, Barbie and Madison were looking at tops. Madison disliked all of them until she saw a bright yellow one. Nolee picked it up before Madison could, which Barbie said was a "bummer." Nolee commented that the top was "cute," and Madison responded, "If you think that color works on you."

Later, at a party, Chelsea was informed about what happened and Madison gave her the top because she thought it would suit her. As Chelsea went to put it on, Nolee passed by her and was surprised to see the top. At the same time, Barbie and Madison were surprised to see Nolee again.

Barbie and Madison felt visibly awkward about Chelsea wearing the top in front of Nolee, but Nolee was able to break the ice by telling Chelsea it was "definitely your color". The four girls laughed and danced together until a DJ caught Madison's eye. He beckoned her over, as well as another girl. Madison introduced herself to the DJ, and he nicknamed her "Madison Avenue". The guy introduces the other girl to Madison, revealing that the girl is his sister—Madison (who thought that the other girl was the DJ's girlfriend) is relieved by this and joins the DJ at his turntable.



  • This is Nolee's debut appearance and she is wearing her Spring Break outfit.

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Madison: Boring dress. So not me. So not me. So not... Oh! (about to take the top when it was grabbed by Nolee)

Barbie: Bummer, Madison!

Nolee (hold the top up to her): Cute!

Madison: If you think that color works on you.

Chelsea: I don't envy her. I've seen you in action, Mads. And you're not even wearing it?

Madison: It just isn't me. But, it's totally you! It's gonna look scorching on you! (Nolee comes in)

Barbie: Gasp. It's her!

Chelsea: Well?

Madison: Looks great!

Nolee: It's definitely your color. (smiles and the four girls laugh)

Madison: I'm Madison.

DJ: Madison Avenue. Have you met my sister?


In Madison's diary, part of this story was wrritten on 2003

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My Scene™ - Does She Buy It? - HD

My Scene™ - Does She Buy It? - HD

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