Gettin' Ready (Pretty Kitty & It's a Date) is a My Scene webisode based on the Gettin' Ready doll line.


Pretty KittyEdit

Delancey's cat, Sugar, gives birth to a litter of kittens, including Pinky.

It's a DateEdit

Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, and Nolee were getting ready for their big date with the boys, who surprise them with a carriage ride.



  • Nolee's boyfriend, Bryant, had already been discontinued, and Delancey doesn't show for the big group date because she and Ellis were stuck in a cat-astrophe, mentioned in Madison's journal.
  • Kenzie has a doll in the doll line, but she does not appear on the episode.
  • There are four lines featuring this episode: Getting Ready My Room, Getting Ready In My Tub, Getting Ready Out With The Girls and Getting Ready Out And About.

Next episodeEdit

Out And About



My Scene™ - Getting Ready - HD

My Scene™ - Getting Ready - HD

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