Gettin' Ready (Pretty Kitty & It's a Date) is a My Scene webisode based on the Gettin' Ready doll line.


Pretty KittyEdit

Delancey's cat, Sugar, gives birth to a litter of kittens, including Pinky.

It's a DateEdit

Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, and Nolee were getting ready for their big date with the boys, who surprise them with a carriage ride.



  • Nolee's boyfriend, Bryant, had already been discontinued, and Delancey doesn't show for the big date.
  • Kenzie has a doll but she does not appear on this episode.
  • There are four lines featuring this episode: Getting Ready My Room, Getting Ready In My Tub, Getting Ready Out With The Girls and Getting Ready Out And About.

Next episodeEdit

Out And About



My Scene Gettin' Ready

My Scene Gettin' Ready

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