Greatest Gifts is the first special holiday webisode.


It's Christmas and the guys and girls were doing a "secret angel" present exchange. Everyone got a present, except Nolee. However, she ended up finding a letter from Bryant! He registered a star in her name so that when he looks up in the night sky, she doesn't seem so far away.



  • This was the last time that Bryant was mentioned by any of the characters.
  • Gifts that everyone gave or was given:
    • Chelsea gave Madison a sweater.
    • Ellis got Delancey a kitty (Sugar).
    • River got a kiss from Barbie under the mistletoe.
    • Nolee got a letter from Bryant.
  • This was Sugar's first appearance.

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Gettin' Ready (Pretty Kitty & It's a Date)


Video Edit

My Scene™ - Greatest Gifts - HD

My Scene™ - Greatest Gifts - HD

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