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Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation Drummer & Percussionist of Urban Desire
Voiced by Kirby Morrow
My Scene Webisodes
My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
My Scene: Masquerade Madness
My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie

Hudson is one of the My Scene boys. He is a Euro-American descent. Hudson is the drummer and percussionist of the band Urban Desire with his friends River, Sutton, and Ellis. Aside from playing drums in a band, he is also a soccer player. Hudson is romantically linked to Chelsea and is Bryant's best friend.

Personality Edit

Hudson is the "sports-interested" character; one who is mainly concerned with the sport and competitiveness that a game of Soccer provides. He is the happy-go-lucky guy and the joker of the gang. He enjoys telling jokes and loves hanging out with his friends. He likes to hang out in central parks and gets around on foot.

Hudson is dating Chelsea and loves walking around the park with her every afternoon. Out of all the My Scene™ boys, Hudson isn't in any hurry to make an official relationship commitment, but everyone in the gang knows if ever he readies himself for a real commitment, he will surely end up with Chelsea.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hudson has light-blue eyes, light skin, and blonde hair.

Relationships Edit

Hudson is romantically linked to Chelsea.

All About MeEdit


Sign: Capricorn

Fave hangout: Central Park

My look: Like to mix it up

Get around: One foot in front of the other

Fave sport: Soccer

Pet peeve: Cell phones-so annoying...

What I look for in a girl: Fun, flirty, does her own thing

More than anything I just love being outside. The city is great for that. I specially love all the parks here. Peace. Later, y'all.


  • Hudson was named after the Hudson River in New York, just like River.
  • In Masquerade Madness, Hudson's St. Bernard dog is named Tuffy.
  • Hudson was one of the first My Scene boys introduced.
  • Hudson's birthday is on December 23.