Lost or Found? is the pilot My Scene webisode.


While Barbie was using her cell phone, she got distracted when a super-cute guy hailed down the cab she was in. This resulted in her accidentally leaving her phone in the cab, and she realized her mistake when she heard it ring as she walked away.

She meets with up with her two best friends, Madison and Chelsea, at a coffeehouse and explains what happened—Madison and Chelsea let her use one of their phones to call her phone. Barbie does that, and the guys answers and goes to return Barbie's cellphone to her. When he arrives at the coffeehouse Barbie and her friends are at, he gives Barbie's cellphone back to her.

Barbie starts flirting with him, but stops upon seeing that the guy and Chelsea apparently seem to know each other—upon questioning her friend, Chelsea explains to Barbie that she's friends with the guy's girlfriend. Upon learning that the guy's technically unavailable, Barbie stops flirting with him and takes her cellphone back.


  • The girls wear the outfits from the first wave in this webisode.

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My Scene First Ever Barbie Commercial 2002

My Scene First Ever Barbie Commercial 2002