Madison and Sutton are one of the My Scene couples.


Their RelationshipEdit

They went out on a date in Night on the Town. Later in that webisode, Sutton describes their date to the boys and says that he was embarrassed due to some food in his teeth, and after the girls arrive, Madison kisses Sutton on the cheek. In Shopping Spree, Sutton is with Madison while she tries on shoes. In Out And About, they help Delancey give away her kittens. Madison writes the songs for Sutton and his band, Urban Desire, for the Beat to Beat contest in Hanging Out and My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica. In the movies, the romantic relationship between the two is never discussed and they often lead relationships with other characters, such as Jai and Ryan.

Doll Set(s) Edit

The Night on the Town set featured the two characters on their date night. The Cruisin' in My Ride set featured the two characters together as dolls again. The Out & About set focused on the couple giving each other gifts for their one month anniversary.