Mall Maniacs is a My Scene webisode which is part of the Mall Maniacs doll line.


The girls try not to think about shopping by hanging out at the park, but can't help themselves. Barbie calls Nolee and asks her to join her, Madison and Chelsea, but Nolee says that she can't, stating she got stuff to do. At the park, everywhere the girls look at somehow turns into an accessory in their mind. Madison sees two cute puppies, which turned into a pair of cute boots, Chelsea looks at the fountain, that suddenly shoots out accessories and Barbie stares at the sky, that reads sale. They end up going on a major shopping spree, where they run into Nolee and admit that they are all mall maniacs.


Trivia Edit

  • The Mall Maniacs line is also known as Mall Divas and as Boutique Divas.
  • Hudson and River have dolls based on this line, but they do not appear on the episode.

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My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie


Video Edit

My Scene™ - Mall Maniacs - HD

My Scene™ - Mall Maniacs - HD

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