Meghan Black
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Meghan Carey Black is a film and elevision actress from West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She voiced Delancey in My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica, My Scene: Masquerade Madness and My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie. She also voiced Rogue in the X-Men: Evolution TV show, and Atlanta Star in the cartoon Class of the Titans. She has been married since 2003 and has a child with her husband Chris.

Before she began acting, she solved knives for a living. When she was 13, Meghan Black was diagnosed with cancer. She was also diagnosed with leukemia three years later, but she got better due to bone marrow transplants. She had to battle cancer again when she was 27. She worked with the website, an online donations website, to raise money for cancer treatment. Her birthday is December 2nd.