(Scene: Madison's Pad)

Delancey: (sliding down the railing): Whoo-hoo! Yeah! This place is too cool! Madison's dad has to let us have Chelsea's surprise party next week. (sat down)

Barbie: Nolee's working on it.

(Nolee, sitting pretzel style, meditates)

Delancey: She is?

Nolee: Shh. I'm concentrating on sending positive energy to Madison's dad, so he'll say...

Madison: Yes! My dad said we can have Chelsea's surprise party here at the loft!

Nolee: Yes!

Barbie: Alright!

Delancey: That's awesome! (Madison's dog, Bella, barks)

Barbie (picks up her cellphone): I'll call River, and have him spread the word to the guys. (gets up and rest Bella on the couch)

Nolee: You don't think Chelsea will guess, do you?

(Scene: At the Dish)

(Scene: Hotel)

(Scene: Chelsea's Room)

(Scene: Madison's Pad)

(Scene: Dressing Room)

Barbie: Okay, Chels. Time to spill.

Chelsea: About what?

Madison: Hello? You and Hudson?

Nolee: We want to know everything.

Barbie (trying on a coat in her dressing room): Start from the beginning. When did he finally ask you out?

(Scene: At the Dish)

Delancey: My secret crush on Hudson?

Nolee: Well, how else was I gonna know why you weren't talking to Chelsea?

Delancey: I don't know.

(Scene: Madison's Pad)

(Scene: Chelsea's Room)