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The official My Scene website ( launched sometime in 2002. The website was part of, which featured many sites for other doll lines by Mattel such as Barbie and Polly Pocket. There were also many international versions of this website that were launched. The My Scene site is no longer available nor is the EverythingGirl site. The My Scene site closed in 2014 along with the Pixel Chix site and others. However, some of the games from the original website were still available on Mattel's website for a few years, but are now no longer available again. Some parts of the old website could be accessed through web archives, but now can no longer be accessed due to the fact that most of the site ran on Flash (Flash no longer works on any platform). Currently, all the games can be played on Numuki Browser and Flashpoint. The flash works on Safari.


The first My Scene website launched in 2002 and featured the three main characters, Barbie, Chelsea, and Madison. The site had an area for webisodes, trends, and character pages. Each character had a blog accounting their daily lives and a section with information about them as well as links to the other characters pages. Many of the features within this site would appear in future versions. The following are screenshots from this version of the website.


From 2004 and the 2010's the site had remained mostly the same but with a few minor changes over the years. The homepage changed the most throughout the website's run. Features such as character pages, the shop, webisodes, and blogs were included in this version of the website, though the blogs were short-lived. A lot more characters and games were in this version.


Sometime in the late 2000's the art style changed and new characters such as Nia and Kennedy became part of the My Scene main line-up (Kennedy being Barbie's replacement). Some of the original characters such as Nolee, Barbie, Sutton, and Ellis were removed from the new line-up, and Delancey received a new look.


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