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My Scene is a web series that ran from 2002 until 2008 on The theme song of the series was "It's My Scene".

Main Characters[]


  • Kennedy (joined in 2008 and replaced Barbie after she was discontinued)
  • Nia (joined the character line in 2008, after Nolee was removed from the doll line)

List of Webisodes[]


In published order (according to timeline):

  1. "Lost or Found?"
  2. "Next Stop"
  3. "Does She Buy It?"
  4. "Game On?"
  5. "Rumor Has It"
  6. "Night on the Town"
  7. "Chillin' Out"*
  8. "Hanging Out"
  9. My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
  10. "Sk8er Girl"*
  11. "Shopping Spree"
  12. "Greatest Gifts"
  13. "Getting Ready"*
  14. "Costume Dress-Up"
  15. My Scene: Masquerade Madness
  16. "Club Birthday"
  17. "Shhh... It's a Secret!"*
  18. "A Snowed-In Holiday"
  19. "Miami Getaway"*
  20. "Mall Maniacs"
  21. My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie
  22. "'Tis the Season"
  23. "Day & Nite"

*Episodes that were featured in B Cinemas on


These episodes didn't feature Barbie and Nolee because they were discontinued from the line.

  1. "Fab Faces"
  2. "DJ Nia"
  3. "Salsa Beat"
  4. "In Uniform"
  5. "Egyptian Nights"
  6. "Act 1"
  7. "Act 2"
  8. "Act 3"
  9. "Act 4"
  10. "Act 5"

Spanish/Portuguese Episodes[]

Episodes that were only featured in Spanish and in Portuguese, in published order. These episodes came out between 2004 and 2005, before the episodes from 2008. Here, the episodes appear with their titles in Spanish. The titles, though, are not official.

  1. "Viaje a París" "Trip to Paris"
  2. "Nueva York Sin Amigas" "New York Without Friends"
  3. "Desfile de Modas" "Fashion show"
  4. "El Reto" "The challenge"
  5. "Viaje a Londres" "Trip to London"
  6. "Chat, Mentiras y Encuentros" "Chat, Lies and Encounters"
  7. "Barbie Pierde a Yorkie" "Barbie Loses Yorkie"
  8. "¡Feliz Cumpleaños Madison!" "Happy Birthday Madison!"
  9. "Las Cartas del Tarot" "The Tarot Cards"
  10. "El Casting" "The Casting"
  11. "Picnic"
  12. "Fiesta de Disfraces" "Costume Party"
  13. "Amor y Amistad" "Love and Friendship"
  14. "Conociendo a Olimpia" "Meeting Olimpia"
  15. "Miedo a Volar" "Fear to Fly"
  16. "El Motorhome" "The Motorhome"
  17. "Maleta Equivocada" "Wrong Suitcase"
  18. "La Casa Embrujada" "Haunted House"
  19. "Primer Aniversario" "First Anniversary"
  20. "El Amuleto" "The Amulet"
  21. "Tormenta de Nieve" "Snow Storm"
  22. "Un Rol Más Activo" "A More Active Role"
  23. "Llegando a Hollywood" "Reaching Hollywood"