Next Stop is the first webisode to focus primarily on Chelsea.


Chelsea designs a skirt on the subway. Then, she meets up with Barbie and Madison at a music club. The My Scene girls meet River at the end of the webisode.



  • This is River's debut appearance.

Transcript Edit

Chelsea: Hey, girls. The band's there? Not sure I'm dressed for that. Rewind. I've got an idea. Meet you there, Barbie.

A person on the subway: Wow, that's awesome.

Barbie: Hot skirt, Chelsea. New?

Chelsea: Very.

Madison: And that bag matches that cool belt of yours.

Chelsea: Well, actually...

Barbie: Altering on the subway again? Haven't we talked about that?

Chelsea: I can't help myself.

Band boy: Speaking of can't help myself... what's your name? Great look.

Chelsea: Thanks. Yours is interesting.

Band boy: Oh, you're just saying that.

Madison: You got that right!

Chelsea: Mads!

Madison: What? He clearly needs your help. She can make an unassuming hot rocker out of you in three flags.

Band boy: I'm all yours. (sees River) Hey, I thought you weren't coming.

Madison: More friends?

Chelsea: You can never have too many.

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Does She Buy It?

Video Edit

My Scene™ - Next Stop - HD

My Scene™ - Next Stop - HD

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