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Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Eyes Green
Father Nia's Dad
My Scene Webisodes
Nia is one of the main characters from My Scene. She was introduced in 2008.


Nia's astrological sign is a Libra. This means that she was born between the dates of September 24th and October 23rd. Nia moved to New York City from Miami, and she was born in Mexico City. She uses her dad's big car to get around. She has a pet dog that she found, and she likes sweet food and romance novels. Her favorite vacation spot is Rio de Janeiro when the Rio Carnival takes place.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nia is a very slender Mexican teenage girl with naturally tanned skin. She has long strawberry blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Nia describes her style as "colorful and flirty". She likes hoop earrings and necklaces.


Nia loves to be loud and she loves to make people laugh. Her favorite hobby is to pull pranks. She likes to have attention at parties and go dancing with her friends because it is fun and good exercise. She likes the dance clubs in New York.


Nia's friends are Kennedy, Madison, Delancey, and Chelsea. They describe her as "funny, easygoing, and super positive". Nia's love interest is a boy named Lucas. For some time, she thought that he was ignoring her, but it turned out that he was actually on vacation in New Zealand for a week. He emailed her beautiful photos and wanted to hang out with Nia when he came back to New York.

All About Me Edit

Sign: Libra 

My style: Colorful & flirty 

Friends say I'm: Funny, easy going, super positive 

Activity: Dancing! 

Accessories: Necklaces, hoop earrings 

Books: Romantic novels 

My ride: Dad's huge car 

Snack: Anything sweet! 

Hobby: Playing pranks 

Fave vacay: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 

My guy: No crush... yet! 

Pet: Adorable pup I found 

I love to be loud! I love to be funny! And I love to be the life of any party! One of my fave things is going dancing with my friends. A total blast and great exercise! I'm pysched that NYC has so many hot dance clubs! My family and I just moved here last summer from Miami. But I was born in Mexico City.

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