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Character Information
Gender Female
Race Japanese-American
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Age 16
Voiced by Tegan Moss
My Scene Webisodes
My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
My Scene: Masquerade Madness
My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie
Nolee was the fourth member of the My Scene girls. She was introduced in 2003 and discontinued in 2007. Nolee is a Japanese-American tomboy. She loves to hang out with Ellis and with her boyfriend Bryant in skate parks. She is also a good surfer like her friend Delancey.


Nolee lives in New York City with her parents. She is a Gemini. She first appeared in the webisodes Game On and Does She Buy It?. Her sixteenth birthday is shown in Club Birthday.


Nolee is the sporty mathematician of the group. She is a kindhearted girl and a sweet friend to her girls. She is shown to care for her friends very much and always stays by their side. She loves skateboarding because it is fun exercise and gets her around the city. She thinks she has a natural talent for skateboarding. Nolee first met Madison and Barbie at a clothing store. They had an incident where Nolee and Madison tried to buy the same blouse, but they became friends afterwards.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nolee is a slender teenager and she has pale skin, long, black hair and brown eyes. She likes different styles, from sporty to dressy.


Nolee is kindhearted to her close friends Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Delancey, Kenzie, Kennedy and Lindsay Lohan. She was romantically linked with Bryant until he moved away to England and was discontinued.

All About MeEdit

Sign: Gemini

My look: Comfort, style, and doing my own thing

My talent: Skateboarding

I love interesting unusual facts.



  • Her pet dog is a pug named Cookie.
  • She is named after Nolita in New York. Nolita is short for "North of Little Italy", which is a neighborhood in Manhattan.
  • Her first appearance webisode was in "Does She Buy It?"
  • The first Nolee doll was produced as part of the "Spring Break" line.
  • Nolee's birthday is May 24th.