The following is a list of all the My Scene playsets in order:

  1. My Cafe
  2. My Boutique
  3. My Club
  4. So Chic Salon
  5. Sound Lounge w/Nolee (Night On The Town)
  6. Make-Up Scene
  7. The Daily Dish Cafe (Hanging Out)
  8. Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge (Jammin' in Jamaica)
  9. Barbie Style (Getting Ready)
  10. Chelsea Style (Getting Ready)
  11. Kenzie w/Tub (Getting Ready)
  12. Madison w/Tub (Getting Ready)
  13. Nolee Style (Getting Ready)
  14. Dressing Room (Shopping Spree)
  15. Kenzie w/Kiosk (Shopping Spree)
  16. Party Pad (Masquerade Madness)
  17. Happenin' Hotel w/Delancey (Miami Getaway)
  18. Dress & Go (Styles To Go!)
  19. Shop & Go (Styles To Go!)
  20. Dressing Room (My Scene Goes Hollywood)
  21. Claire's (Mall Maniacs)
  22. Skechers (Mall Maniacs)
  23. My Bling Bling Spa w/Delancey (Bling Bling Bikini)
  24. Delancey's Bedroom w/Delancey (I Love My Friends)
  25. Icy Bling Boutique (Icy Bling)
  26. Ultra Glam Vanity w/Kennedy (Ultra Glam)