My Scene Wiki

The following is a list of all the My Scene playsets in order:

  1. My Cafe
  2. My Boutique
  3. My Club
  4. So Chic Salon
  5. Sound Lounge with Nolee (Night on the Town)
  6. Make-Up Scene
  7. The Daily Dish Cafe (Hanging Out)
  8. Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge (Jammin' in Jamaica)
  9. Barbie My Room (Getting Ready)
  10. Chelsea My Room (Getting Ready)
  11. Nolee My Room (Getting Ready)
  12. Chelsea Style (Getting Ready)
  13. Kenzie In My Tub (Getting Ready)
  14. Madison In My Tub (Getting Ready)
  15. Dressing Room (Shopping Spree)
  16. Kenzie with Kiosk (Shopping Spree)
  17. Party Pad (Masquerade Madness)
  18. Happenin' Hotel with Delancey (Miami Getaway)
  19. Dress & Go (Styles-To-Go!)
  20. Shop & Go (Styles-To-Go!)
  21. Dressing Room (My Scene Goes Hollywood)
  22. Claire's (Mall Maniacs)
  23. Skechers (Mall Maniacs)
  24. My Bling Bling Spa with Delancey (My Bling Bling Bikini)
  25. Delancey's Bedroom with Delancey (I Love My Friends)
  26. Icy Bling Boutique (Icy Bling)
  27. Ultra Glam Vanity with Kennedy (Ultra Glam)