Rumor Has It is a My Scene webisode based on the Spring Break line.


Bryant had a crush on Nolee and overheard Nolee saying that he was "cute". Hudson asked Barbie if Bryant and Nolee are dating, who told Madison, which Sutton heard, then Madison spread the rumor to Chelsea.


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  • This was the last webisode Bryant appeared in (only his voice was heard in Greatest Gifts).

Transcript Edit

Madison: Don't mind Hudson. It's like a sickness.

Hudson: I bet we could make beautiful music together.

Nolee: Check out the eighties hair! Brilliant.

Madison: You and Bryant sure seemed to hit it off.

Nolee: Bryant's cute. Good karma. (reading record title) Oh, baby, I'm in love!

Bryant: Two iced coffees.

Hudson: Oh, give me one of those crumb cakes, dude. So, uh, what's up with you and Nolee?

Bryant: Don't know. Can you scope it out?

Hudson: So, I hear Nolee's got a thing for my boy Bryant. True?

Barbie: Did you hear about Nolee and Bryant? Total love connection!

Madison: So, I hear Nolee and Bryant are secretly dating.

Nolee: Oh, we are?



My Scene™ - Rumor Has It - HD

My Scene™ - Rumor Has It - HD

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