Salsa Beat is a My Scene webisode.


The episode started with Delancey entering a store, where Nia and Kennedy were on a shopping spree because the shop has got 30 percent off everything. After Nia showed Delancey a dress she'd like to buy for Madison's birthday bash next month, Delancey told them about her trouble: Parker, a guy from her gym she's been crushing on, asked her out. After Kennedy wondered why it was such a bad thing, Delancey explained that she lied to him telling she loves Salsa dancing, however, she actually can't dance Salsa at all. But luckily, Nia, salsaing since she was five years old, offered her to teach her how to dance. Afterwards, Nia and Delancey practice, but Delancey often hits Nia while dancing. After Chelsea came to give her a beautiful red dress, both girls promise Delancey to join her and stay as close as they can, whitout Parker noticing, so she can copy everything they do. After Delancey and Parker ate dinner in the dance club, he wanted to dance with her, but while they danced, she stepped on his foot and hit him with her arm. Chelsea and Nia danced right next to them and Delancey tried to copy their dancing moves, but after a while she lost Control and fell down, taking Chelsea and Nia with her. After Parker pulled Delancey up, she introduced her friends to him, so he helped them up too. After she decided to tell him the truth, he felt really flattered that she started to learn Salsa for him, he also mentioned that her friends are really cool. The episode ends with Delancey asking Parker if he'd like to dance a little more with her and him replying they should just do a quick dance, as he still wants to walk her home.