Shh...It's a Secret! is a My Scene webisode. It was part of the Secret Locker doll line.


Barbie and Madison open their lockers in school. They both have something in their lockers that they keep a secret from their friends. Barbie has a secret crush, while Madison has a beauty secret. Hudson, having overheard the girls, appears and bets he knows Madison's secrets out of his hall pass, by guessing it was hair extensions. But Madison explains that it's all natural. After seeing Madison blow a bubblegum bubble, Hudson bets he can blow a bigger one than her out of his lunch money but gets gum stuck to his face as Barbie and Madison laugh. Madison bets Hudson couldn't fit in her locker, but Hudson gets in and she shut the door as she and Barbie laugh as Chelsea show up, asking what was funny, but Barbie said it's a secret and she and Madison head to class, stating they will Chelsea during lunch. Chelsea heard something and saw Hudson coming out of Madison's locker, asking him for his hall pass. Hudson realizes that he lost his hall pass to Madison after his bet and groans.



  • In the online game Shopping Spree, Nolee also has a secret locker, but she was not included in the webisode or doll line.

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My Scene Shhh It's a Secret

My Scene Shhh It's a Secret

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