Madison's entries about Stacey compiled together.

Stacey is a character mentioned in Madison's journal in 2002 and 2003. She and Madison knew each other because Madison signed up for a pottery class on December 2nd. Stacey also attended the same pottery class, so Madison nicknamed Stacey "pottery girl". Madison said she had big hair, but she was really nice.

On December 6th, Stacey talked to Madison about a guy she wanted to introduce Madison to. On December 8th, Madison met Stacey and a group of Stacye's friends at a pizza place. There, Madison met the guy Stacey had talked about two days previously. Madison thought he was adorable, but embarrassed herself as she told a funny story; because Madison talks with her hands, she accidentally knocked a drink into his lap.

On December 28th, Madison bought a book Stacey recommended. In 2003, Madison left the pottery class, but she and Stacey had a game night on the 21st of February, . Madison learned that Stacey had six cats, and they kept walking over the game boards and knocking pieces over. It got out of control, so Stacey and Madison went out to a diner for dessert and girl talk.