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Character Information
Gender Male
Race Jamaican
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Occupation Staff of the hotel Jamaican Palms
Voiced by Mark Hildreth
My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
Tyson is a character in My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica. He is a Jamaican man who works as a valet at a hotel named Jamaican Palms.


Tyson likes hanging out with pretty girls and surfing. He is sociable and friendly.

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Tyson has dark skin, hazel eyes and brown hair with a slight beard.

Relationships Edit

Chelsea notices how "cute" Tyson is as she, Barbie and Nolee arrived at the hotel. This prompts a conversation between the two as he begins to park the car. Later, Tyson and Chelsea dance together at a local dance club.

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